A. N. Network

Social Music Network

A. N. Network

Delivering user insight for a startup

The challenge

A disruptive social music network startup, which aims to achieve acquisition of 15m users within the first year, by making available online what has always happened offline, namely a way for people to listen to music in context.  Context based user engagement will be driven by enabling people to discover latest trending underground tracks, share favourite songs and mix with people of a similar taste, and talk about music.

This acquisition must be achieved through providing “immediate” context and relevance to users.  Furthermore, the Network intend to achieve a “stickiness” factor and become engrained in the user’s daily activity and where from a data perspective, continual optimisation will help drive user engagement and loyalty to ensure that the Network is the platform through which people experience music.

The solution

Together Valtech and the Network held a workshop during which we identified 4 areas of high priority, where data can deliver the biggest impact:

1      Personalised Feed – determining the right content to present to users, sourcing user generated content and system generated content.

2      Nurture Crowds – to drive user adoption and engagement through nurturing community “crowds”, by suggesting relevant Crowds for users to join and by profiling user behaviour within Crowds to identify key influencers and also using models to increase engagement in less active crowds

3      Serving Adverts – driving revenue by presenting the right sponsored content, to the right users, at the right time – driven by understanding each users brand affinity, behaviour profile, music preferences and propensity to buy or act on sponsored content.

4      Brand Insights – to provide brands with detailed insights and understanding of users, in order to connect in context with each user.  To be driven by providing relevant data insights, specific to the needs of different brands (i.e. advertisers, artists and venues). 


Valtech provided important insight into the technical requirements for data collection and analysis in real-time, enabling the Network to structure their further development phases in a sustainable and successful fashion.