Analytics & Big Data

The ability to make sense of the data that is inside a business, and link it to external data, provides the evidence for improved decision making and Return On Investments. 

The generation of a Single Customer View for every consumer provides a 360 degree real time view of the business, which can be used both strategically and by marketers. This allows enhanced customisation and targeting, more specific customer and business intelligence, and more valuable measurement and feedback. Analytics and Big Data reinforces Service Design by joining the Customer Responsive Platform and the e-Commerce platform across the omni-channel implementation, so that decisions can be taken based on the insights gleaned from all the information.

Marketeers are now able to provide specific, concrete evidence of the value they provide to their businesses, through the use of data analytics across a large volume and variety of data sources. These give them the tools needed to better allocate their budgets and ensure an improved ROI, providing credibility in their decision-making.

By defining a consistent language across their business that reflects their consumers, companies can now deliver real time data analytics to support decision making, in order to focus on initiatives that have been proven to work. Marketeers now have the means to develop business intelligence based marketing campaigns that will benefit not only the brand, but also drive the performance of the company.

The key to success in implementing analytics and big data in any business is to undertake rapid linking and insight generation from the data sources available. Proving the ROI in a consistent and agile way, to deliver a long term business intelligence platform, will enable the whole organisation to significantly improve how it profitably engages consumers.

Mastering the information about your consumers and your business from a fully digital commerce perspective is the new Holy Grail for brands.

The winning combination? An alliance between a Customer Responsive Platform, digital performance tools, e-commerce modules, operational systems and external data sources. External data sources can include weather forecasting, social engagement and other sources deemed relevant to the business.

The result is strategy and marketing that is based on performance and relevance to consumers, generating a superior return on investment.

Valtech helps its clients deliver business intelligence solutions that enable omni-channel decision making by marketeers that are customer-centred. This enables the organisation to efficiently manage a data-driven culture across all departments.